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Mobile File Access
to your computer or server.



All your files anytime and anywhere on your iPad.
Secure access without cloud storage and without VPN.

Get more sales by lively iPad presentations.



FileSpirit – the ultimate file browser for iPad and iPhone.



Direct Access




Offline Storage

Browse your company's files on your iPad and iPhone - just the way you do it on your computer. With FileSpirit, you get direct access to your file server. No need to upload your files to the cloud. Your files remain where they are - on your file server.


Browse your documents using marvellous thumbnail previews. With FileSpirit, you flip through your documents like they are lying in front of you. It was never easier to find the fileyou are looking for.


As a business user you need access to the documents anywhere and anytime. Only FileSpirit can store complete folders & subfolders on your iPad and iPhone for anytime access, even on an airplane. 




FileSpirit – easy setup in minutes.



Setup in minutes


No VPN needed


No configuration

FileSpirit easily connects your mobile devices with your PCs & Servers. Installation doesn't require IT expertise or knowledge about IP addresses, port forwardings, etc. FileSpirit does the magic.


"Don’t we need a VPN to secure our mobile access?” Not with FileSpirit! End-to-end encryption ensures that all document transfers are highly encrypted. Even the firewall can stay as closed as before, as no ports have to be opened.


No need to set up new servers. No need to change firewall configurations or routes. The FileSpirit Connector is easily installed and comes with an easy-to-use interface to connect new users and devices.


FileSpirit – keep your documents under your control.


No cloud storage


End-to-end encryption


Made in Germany

Keep control over your confidential documents. FileSpirit enables mobile access by connecting directly to your file server. No need to store your documents on public cloud infrastructure - for reasons of security and availability.


With FileSpirit, your documents are transferred highly encrypted - according to AES 256 Bit industry standard. Only the iPad and iPhone App keep the private key to access the documents. Nobody else, not even we, can decrypt your documents!


FileSpirit was invented and engineered in Germany. Highest development and testing standards ensure enterprise-level quality and security.


Dear FileSpirit customers,

today I have to inform you that we will shut down FileSpirit at the end of June. The reason for the shutdown is that we want to focus all of our energy on julitec, our first class CRM solution for IT service providers (

Thank you for using FileSpirit and for your support. It was not an easy decision for us, but the results did not meet the expectations.
I hope you will find good alternatives to continue having mobile access to your files.

Your subscriptions will be canceled. If you have a yearly subscription, the money will be refunded based on the amount of time remaining in the current bill cycle.

Johannes Geyer, CEO FileSpirit